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Introducing ReportScript Explorer -
The Ultimate R&R Report Writer Add-on

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ReportScript Explorer?

ReportScript Explorer is a time-saving tool for people who create, support and maintain reports created with R&R ReportWorks®, R&R Report Writer® and Progress® Report Builder™. It allows you to quickly and easily search, analyze, cross-reference, document and export a single report or an entire collection of reports. You can greatly reduce the amount of time you spend using R&R by first using ReportScript Explorer to identify relevant reports and pinpoint specific objects and properties within the reports. ReportScript Explorer allows you to "see inside" R&R report files and explore every property of every object of every report ever created.  You will see results within minutes of installing the software!

How will ReportScript Explorer help me?

Giving you the ability to see inside your R&R report files and search, analyze, cross-reference, document and export every object and property, ReportScript Explorer will quickly pay for itself in time savings.  Copy and paste information into Excel for analysis, into Word to integrate with system documentation or into other database tools for re-use of business logic.

What are the Top 10 uses for ReportScript?

Here are the top ten reasons R&R users find ReportScript Explorer to be a valuable tool.  The examples show actual documentation generated using ReportScript for the R&R SQL Edition sample reports.

1. Your database structure changes - use ReportScript Explorer to generate a cross-reference of database fields to identify which reports are affected.
2. Your business rules change - use ReportScript Explorer to generate a cross-reference of all calculations.
3. You need to copy table links in existing reports - use ReportScript Explorer to generate a cross-reference of all table links.
4. You need to fix or update reports created by someone else - use ReportScript Explorer to browse and search report properties.
5. You can't open a report in R&R to see why it doesn't work because you don't have the database.  Use ReportScript Explorer to generate a report specification.
6. You need to document a set of reports - use the batch printing feature of ReportScript Explorer to generate all report specifications at once.
7. You are upsizing reports from R&R to a SQL database - use ReportScript Explorer to generate pseudo SQL to help write a stored procedure.
8. You need to distribute reports and their associated database files - use ReportScript to list the needed database tables.
9. You want to create a data warehouse - use ReportScript to list the needed fields by field name or list the needed field names by table.
10. You have an assignment where you want to save time by re-using information stored in your reports - plug-in your own custom XSL template to extract the information you need in the format you want.

How does ReportScript Explorer work?

ReportScript Explorer works by transforming report definitions from the unreadable R&R file format into an English-like script called ReportScript. You apply templates to report scripts to produce informative documentation that can be viewed in a Web browser. ReportScript Explorer includes many pre-defined documentation templates plus the ability to customize and create your own templates.

In more technical terms, ReportScript Explorer scripts adhere to the industry-standard XML document format and the documentation templates are constructed in XSLT, another industry-standard language for XML data presentation.  The open architecture of ReportScript Explorer makes it completely customizable and extensible, yet easy to work with given the wide range of resources available for XML/XSLT.

What are the main features of ReportScript Explorer?

Ø Open any R&R report from any version of R&R - even if you do not have R&R or access to the database.
Ø View report objects and properties in a collapsible tree view within a web browser window.
Ø Generate documentation and cross-references within a web browser window.
Ø Integrate documentation into other office applications like Excel and Word, or Web pages (html) using the Windows clipboard.
Ø Batch print multiple report specifications and other documentation.
Ø Customize the built-in documentation templates.
Ø Create your own custom documentation templates.

Is ReportScript Explorer easy to use?

Yes!  ReportScript Explorer includes a 2-Step Wizard to help you get results quickly - in most cases in under 1 minute!  In Step 1, you select the reports you want to search, analyze or document.  In Step 2, you select the template you want to use to format the output.  Clicking "Finish" displays the results in a web browser window, where you can easily view and manipulate the information.

What are the system requirements for ReportScript Explorer?

ReportScript Explorer is a Visual Basic Version 6 application and has the following hardware and software requirements:

Ø Pentium® 90MHz or higher microprocessor.
Ø VGA 640x480 or higher-resolution screen supported by Microsoft® Windows®.
Ø Microsoft Windows® XP, Microsoft Windows Vista®, Microsoft Windows Server® 2003, Microsoft Windows NT® 4.0 or later, or Microsoft Windows 95/98.
Ø 24 MB RAM for Windows 95/98, 32 MB for Windows NT, XP, Server or Vista.  A minimum of 96 MB is recommended.  ReportScript Explorer will work more efficiently and support larger tasks with additional memory.
Ø Important!: Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.x or higher is required.
Ø Disk space requirements: 1.62 MB plus extra space for saving files.
Ø Reports created with any version of R&R Report Writer.

What is the pricing/licensing of ReportScript Explorer?

You may download and install a fully functional trial version free for 30 days.  At any time before, during or after the 30-day trial, you may purchase a single-computer license for $199.  An unlock key will be instantly provided, allowing you to remove the 30-day limitation.


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